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Investments in Middle East Casa Latina offers investment alternatives and development of special projects.

• Investment Advisory.
• Submissions of Investment Projects.
• Research of investors.
• Development of capital Ventures.
• Property Sales.
• Investments in Dubai and the whole Region.
• Promotion of Productive Projects.

The countries of the Arabian Peninsula due to ecological characteristics and the constant population growth have implemented a State Policy to ensure the supply of water and food.
Dubai is currently a world-class shopping and tourism center in continuous growth and also offers legal and social security, a steady currency and only 5% tax, making Dubai the preferred place for investors of different origins.

From this end we offer your proposals for the search of investors:
Lands for production and agro-food industries.
Lands for tourism, hotels.
We can also offer investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region.

Dubai is nearby, We are the bridge.

Casa Latina is a fully diversified international trading and sales organization operating in the United Arab Emirates and overseas.
We count on skilled professionals worldwide.